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Puja or Pooja or पूजा is a Sanskrit word that translates to "worship" or "ceremony" in English. It is a Hindu ritual or act of reverence and devotion performed to honour and worship one or more deities, often for the purpose of obtaining their blessings. Pujas can be elaborate or simple, and they are an integral part of Hindu religious and spiritual practices.

Puja Date With Calendar

Key elements of a puja typically include the following:

Idol or Image of Deity: A representation of the deity being worshiped, such as a statue, picture, or symbol.

Offerings: Devotees present various offerings to the deity, such as flowers, fruits, incense, and food. These offerings symbolize the devotee's love, gratitude, and surrender.

Mantras and Chants: Recitation of sacred verses and mantras from religious texts is a common practice during puja. It is believed that these chants invoke divine energy and connect the worshiper with the deity.

A ritual of waving lighted lamps before the deity, accompanied by singing hymns or devotional songs. It symbolizes the removal of darkness and the illumination of knowledge.

Prayers and Meditation: Devotees often engage in prayers and meditation to establish a personal connection with the deity and seek blessings for various aspects of life.

Puja Items: Specific items are used during the ritual, such as a puja thali (a plate containing various items for worship), camphor, holy water (usually from the Ganges river), and sacred ash.

The puja can be performed at homes, temples or other holy places. There are specific pujas associated with different deities, and there are also general pujas that can be performed for overall well-being and prosperity.

While puja is deeply rooted in Hinduism, similar practices with variations also exist in other Indian religions and cultures. Rituals may vary depending on regional customs and personal preferences. Puja is not only a religious practice but also a way for individuals to express their devotion, gratitude and spiritual connection.

2024 Puja Date With Calendar | Hindu Puja List | Bengali Festivals

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List of Festival March 2024

  • 8th March, Friday, Maha Shivaratri
  • 12 th March, Tuesday, Ramkrishna Janma Jayanti
  • 25th March, Monday,  Dol Purnima
  • 26th March, Tuesday,  Holi Utsav
  • **** March,     Wednesday     Meena Sankranti

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****     Dhanu Sankranti
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