2023 Loton Sasthi Brata Date & Time | লুণ্ঠন বা লোটন ষষ্ঠী ব্রত তারিখ

Lotan Sasthi Vrat (লুণ্ঠন বা লোটন ষষ্ঠী ব্রত তারিখ) is a Hindu Vrat observed on the sixth tithi of Shukla paksha in the month of Shravan. This fast is usually observed by pregnant women. According to the lore, once upon a time, there lived a pregnant woman in a house. He worshipped the sixth goddess and performed a vow. As a result of the vow, she gave birth to a healthy child. Since then this vow is observed by pregnant women.

To observe the Lotan Shashti Vrat, women listen to the Vrat Katha and worship the Shashti Devi. They eat rice, dal, ghee, milk, sweets, fruits etc. At the end of the vow they enjoy.

The observance of Lotan Sasthi Vrata is believed to make women's children healthy and happy. Also, observing this vow is also believed to bring good luck to women.

2023 Loton Sasthi Brata Date 

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 Loton Sasthi Brata Date 

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