Fair or Melas in Hindu Religions - हिंदू धर्मों में मेला

Fair or Melas

Fairs and melas are occasions when colours, sounds and fragrance fill the air. There are dazzling displays of bangles, ribbons, pots, pans, clothes, balloons and toys. The stalls spread throughout the locality. Loud speakers screech bhajans and songs. Lights and lamps decorate the houses, pathways and shops. Fairs and melas are platforms where culture, trade and religion come together.
Fairs and melas happen throughout the country at different times of the year. Some of them are less known, while the others are popular all over the country as well as outside. Some of the fairs that take place in different parts of the country are brought together here.
Fair or Melas in Hindu Religions - हिंदू धर्मों में मेला

Gangasagar Mela:

The fair is held at a meeting place of the river and the sea (Ganga and the Bay of Bengal); and hence the name “Gangasagar”. The fair is held near the river Hoogly, a distributary of Ganga, in West Bengal during the time of Makara Sankranthi. Here you can find more on the rites, customs and beliefs associated with this fair…

Jwalamukhi Fair:

The Jwalamukhi fair acknowledges the power and sanctity of the Holy Flame. This mela is a conglomeration of folk-dances, songs, plays and wrestling matches. Here’s more on the deity, the temple, the celebrations in the fair and also its history…

Kumbha Mela:

Kumbha is the “pot of nectar” that gets its name from the Purans. What is this “pot of nectar” all about? What do the scriptures say? What is the story behind the Kumbha mela?...

Karthikai Festival:

Karthikai is the festival of lights that goes on for 10 days during the months of November and December. It is one of the oldest festivals celebrated in Tamil Nadu. People go on fast for 40 days. Here we give you more information on how the festival is celebrated in Tamil Nadu…

Kurukshetra Mela:

The festival in Kurukshetra, Haryana falls on the day of Gita Jayanthi that signifies the birth of Srimad Bhagvad Gita. The festival is characterized by a week-long recital of Bhagvad katha, shloka recital, dance and dramas. Free medical camps, book exhibitions and bhajan recitals in classical tradition are also organized...

Magha Mela:

This mela falls on the 7th day of Magha celebrated in the month of January–February. People take holy dips in the Chandrabhaga Tirtha and welcome the Sun God early in the morning...

Pushkar Mela:

This fair attracts people not only from Rajasthan, but from all parts of the country. Men and women adorn themselves with their traditional attire. Even the animals are richly decorated. Pushkar mela is also the largest cattle fair in the world. What is so special about the temples in Pushkar? What cultural events take place? Know these and more…
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