Gangasagar Mela, How To Reach Gangasagar Mela

Gangasagar Mela, How To Reach Gangasagar Mela: In this post we are share about Gangasagar Mela, and How To Reach Gangasagar Mela.
Gangasagar Mela: 
Gangasagar Mela or also called Gangasagar Fair is the largest mela in West Bengal and the fair is held in the place where the Ganga and the Bay of Bengal form a connection together. Thus the name called Gangasagar Mela came into picture.
Gangasagar Mela

The river Ganga originates from the Gangotri glacier. This lies in the snow clad Himalayas. The Ganga descends down the mountains. It then reaches the plains at Haridwar. After that it flows through pilgrimage places like Benares and Prayag after which it goes to the Bay of Bengal.
Importance of Gangasagar Mela

Sagar Island is the place where the Ganga breaks up into hundreds of streams, and drains into the sea. This place is honored as a pilgrimage site and it is there at the mouth of the river Hooghly in Bengal. A dip in the ocean of the Ganges is thought of as a place of great religious significance. This is more so during the time of the Makara Sankranti. This is the day when the sun makes a transition to Capricorn from Sagittarius. The entire town becomes home to huge fairs, drawing visitors from all over the place. Apart from that, there is a belief among the local people that the girls who take the holy dip get handsome grooms. The boys who take the dip get beautiful brides. After they take a plunge in the Ganga, they go to the temple towards the Kapilmuni. This temple is situated nearby and people go there to worship the deity as a mark of respect.

There are thousands of people who go to Gangasagar. This is one point where the Ganga flows into the Bay of Bengal and this is to purify their souls on the day of Makar Sankranti. It is said that you can get instant moksha. It is being said that if we crossed the Vaitarani clutching the tail of a calf, our souls will reach heaven and there is no doubt about that. There is a narrow strip of water and it is said that it is a mythical river and it connects earth to heaven.

On taking a dip in the Gangasagar, we can absolve our sins.

Only about 130 kilometers from Kolkata, Gangasagar is located on the western edge of the Sunderban delta. It is a part of the Sagar island. In the past, these islands were part of the dense forest and during sometime during the late 19th century, the forest was cleared by the British and converted into settlements.

Inside the temple of KapilMuni, a vermilion-smeared stone is worshiped as the object of worship. The image is carved in the centre and there is a saint holding a small pot of water in his left hand and rosary in the right. Along with this image, there are two others images of Ganga, the four-armed goddess with Bhagirath sitting on her lap. There is another image of Sagar, the bearded king.

The two important things in Gangasagar mela is bathing in the sea and worshipping at the temple.
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