Buddhist Festivals, Details of Buddhist Festivals #1 Definition

Buddhist Festivals

Buddhism is a 2500 year old spiritual tradition that has spread its wings throughout the world. There are millions of followers world over who have been influenced by the preachings of Gautama Buddha. His teachings have spread throughout the world through his disciples and followers. Now, there are three traditions of Buddhism practiced in different parts of the world. They are, the Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana. Though there are differences in these traditions, some of the principles remain common.

After Buddha attained his nirvana his teachings began to spread. After Buddha’s death, his disciple Ananda recited his Sutras. Siddhartha Gauthama became the enlightened Buddha on the dawn after a full moon night. This day falls on the day of his birth and is celebrated as Buddha Purnima.
Buddha Jayanti:

Buddha Jayanti or Buddha Purnima is the day on which Buddha, the founder of Buddhism was born. Buddha Purnima is a very important festival for the Buddhists. On this very same day, Buddha’s wife Yashodhara, disciple Ananda, charioteer Channa, and the horse Kantaka were also born. The festival falls on a full moon day in the month of April or May.

More information have been made available to you here. These information are related to the life of Buddha, his preaching, the eight-fold path advocated by him and the other practices of Buddhism...

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