Buddha Jayanti, When Buddha Jayanti,#Buddha Jayanti Festivals

Buddha Jayanti

Buddha Jayanti is the birth anniversary of the Buddha and it is celebrated on a full moon night. Buddha Purnima is not only the most important festival of Buddhists, but enjoying Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanthi Celebrations is a must for them. Buddha was born in B.C. 560. Buddha died at the age of eighty in B.C. 480.
Buddha Jayanti
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Buddhism has spread its wings as religion in different parts of the world. Buddha Jayanti is observed in India as a national holiday. According to Buddhist history, his wife Yashodhara, his first disciple Ananda and his charioteer Channa, and the horse Kantaka were all born on this same day.

The Bodhi tree, under which Buddha gained nirvana is also supposed to have been created in the same day. On this auspicious day, Buddha chose to preach his first sermon at Varanasi. The Buddha is the founder of the Buddhist religion. He is also called Buddha Shakyamuni.

Buddha Jayanti is also called as Buddha Purnima. This is one of the most sacred festivals of Buddhist. This festival falls on the full moon of the fourth lunar month which is April or May. This day is in memory of three important events of Buddha's life. To understand this we need to get a glimpse of History of Buddha:

    His birth in 623 BC.
    His enlightment, which is the attainment of supreme wisdom, in 588 BC.
    His attainment of Nirvana which is the complete extinction of his self at the age of 80.

Lord Buddha is considered as the ninth avatar of Vishnu. Buddha means "enlightened one". It is about someone who is completely free from mental obstructions. The teachings of Gautam Buddha are just to liberate human beings from the misery and sufferings which are incurred in everyday life.

The Buddha says that sorrow and desire are the root causes of all the evil and suffering of this world. Lord Buddha advocated the Eightfold Path. This consists of attributes like right conduct, right motive, right speech, right effort, right resolve, right livelihood, right attention and right meditation. All these have to be followed to gain mastery over suffering. By following this path, you can attain Nirvana. Gautama Buddha lived and taught in northern India. This happened in the 6th Century B.C.

Buddha traveled far off places. He had many followers and following his death, his disciples continued to spread his teachings.

People whether rich or poor got attracted to the religion. He laid emphasis on equality for all. The Mauryan Emperor Ashoka advocated the Buddhist religion in the 3rd century B.C. He helped in spreading the religion far and wide. The two prime places for Buddhists are Sarnath and Bodhgaya. Though Buddhism originated in India, people from Far East have been practicing the religion. The festival usually happens in the month of April.

##Buddha Jayanti, When Buddha Jayanti,#Buddha Jayanti Festivals
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