2024 Mysuru Dasara date & Time for Karnataka, India

In this post, we are sharing about the 2024 Dasara Date and Time for Mysore, Karnataka, India, 2024 Mysuru Dasara date & Time for Karnataka, India, 2024 Mysore Dasara Calendar, 2024 Mysore Dasara Calendar With PDF.

Mysuru Dasara

Mysore Dussehra festival celebrates the victory of truth over evil. Legend has it that Goddess Chamundeshwari or Durga killed the demon Mahishasura on the day of Vijayadashami.

Mysore Dasara is the Nadahabba of the state of Karnataka in India. It is a 10-day festival, starting with nine nights called Navaratri and the last day being Vijayadashami. The festival is observed on the tenth day in the Hindu calendar month of Ashvina, which typically falls in the Gregorian months of September and October. Source - Wikipedia

2024 Mysuru Dasara date & Time 

Name of Festivals  Day of Festivals Date of Festivals
Dasara Day 11 /  Dasara,
13th October 2024 Sunday 
Dasara Day 10 /Navami 12th October 2024
Dasara Day 9 / Ashtami 11th October 2024,  Friday
Dasara Day 8 / Saptami 10th October 2024  Thursday
Dasara Day 7 / Shashti 9th October 2024  Wednesday
Dasara Day 6 / Panchami 8th October 2024  Tuesday
Dasara Day 5 / Chouti 7th October 2024  Monday
Dasara Day 4 / Tadige 6th October 2024  Sunday
Dasara Day 3 / Tadige 5th October 2024  Saturday
Dasara Day 2 / Bidige 4th October 2024  Friday 
Dasara Day 1 /  Padya 3rd October 2024 Thursday 

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