2024 August Festivals Calendar, Hindu Puja Date Time

2024 August Festivals Calendar: In this Post, We are sharing the Hindu Puja Calendar of Month August 2024. [August Puja Date Time, August 2024 Pooja Schedule, 2024 August Puja Calendar and Timing, আগস্ট মাসের পুজার সময় ও তারিখ, ২০২৪ আগস্ট মাসের হিন্দু ক্যালেন্ডার ]

August (Bengali - Shrabon & Vadra) in the Hindu calendar is marked by various festivals, each with its own unique significance and cultural significance. A major festival during this month is Raksha Bandhan, which celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. On the full moon day of the month of Shravan, sisters tie sacred threads, known as Rakhi, on the wrists of their brothers, which symbolize love, protection and mutual affection. The day is also an occasion for families to come together, exchange gifts and partake of a festive meal.

Additionally, the festival of Krishna Janmashtami, commemorating the birth of Lord Krishna, often falls in August. Devotees fast, sing devotional songs and engage in midnight prayers to celebrate the divine birth. Temples are decorated, and episodes from Lord Krishna's life, especially his childhood antics, are re-enacted with joy and devotion. August, with its festivals, brings a sense of familial warmth, spiritual connection and cultural celebration within Hindu communities.

August Festivals Calendar,

2024 August Festivals Calendar, Hindu Puja Date Time

2024 August Festivals Calendar, Hindu Puja Date Time

2024 August Festivals Calendar, Hindu Puja Date Time

  • 4th August, Sunday, Amaboshya
  • 15th August, Thursday, Jhulan Yatra start
  • 15th August, Thursday, 77th Independence Day
  • 16th August, Friday, Ekadashi 
  • 17th August, Saturday, Manasa Puja
  • 19th August, Monday, Rakhi Purnima / Rakhi Bandhan
  • 15tt August, Monday, Jhulan Yatra End
  • 26th August, Monday, Janmashtami 
  • 27th August, Tuesday, Nanda Utsav 
  • 27th August, Tuesday, Baba Loknath Jayanti
  • 16th August, Thursday, Ekadashi 
  • **** August,     Friday     Simha Sankranti
  • ***    Janmashtami *ISKCON

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