Guru Vyas Purnima Legends & Significance

Purnima (Full Moon) of Ashad Month is called as Vyas Purnima or more commonly as Guru Purnima. This is the day when everyone worships his/her Guru and in a way thanks and thanks to them for shedding the light of knowledge. According to ancient Hindu scriptures, Guru is the teacher or guide who takes you from the darkness to light of the truth.
guru purnima

Guru Purnima Legends & Significance

In ancient time’s pupils didn’t use to pay any fee for education. So on Guru Purnima all pupils worshipped their Guru and offered them gifts as per their capacity. This Guru Purnima puja was not limited to the Guru only but father, mother, brother and all the elders in the family who teach the way of life were also honoured.

Maharshi Vyas:
Vyas Purnima was the day when Maharshi Vyas was born. Maharshi Vyas is revered for his contributions to Hindu dharma. He not only authored Mahabharata but also compiled the four Vedas and wrote various Puranas. Owing to such great contributions to the Hinduism Maharishi Vyas is considered as the first Guru who gave such profound and sacred truths to mankind.

Guru Purnima Rituals

Take bath in the early morning (Brahmamuhurta) and after doing your daily prayers go to your guru. While the Guru is sitting on his asana offer him a garland of flowers. Thereafter place flowers, fruits and other offerings at the feet of your Guru. Thereafter take their ashirwad. Doing puja this way sharpens the mind by cleansing the minds of the pupils.
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