2017 to 2030 Magha Purnima Calendar, Maghi Purnima Schedule 2017-2030

2017-2030 Magha Purnima Date & Time in India, Maghi Purnima Calendar 2017 to 2030, 2017 to 2030 Magha Purnima Date & Time in West Bengal, Maghi Purnima Date and Time, Magh Purnima Schedule, 2017-2030 Maghi Purnima Calendar, 2017 to 2030 Maghi Purnima Schedule , ২০১৭ থেকে ২০৩০ মাঘী পূর্ণিমা সময় ও তারিখ, माघ पूर्णिमा समय और तिथि , २०१७ - २०३० माघी पूर्णिमा कैलेंडर।

About Magha Purnima: Maghi Purnina, also known by the name of Magha Purnima, is known to be a day of the full moon that occurs during the Hindu calendar month of Magh. This day falls during the Gregorian calendar month of January and / or February. During this time period, the auspicious Kumbh Mela is held every twelve years, and the Magha Mela is held on an annual basis at the confluences of three rivers or Triveni Sangam all around north India, such as in cities like Allahabad or Prayag. Source- Wikipedia

Maghi Purnima Schedule 2017-2030

 2017 to 2030 Magha Purnima Date

Name of Festivals
Day of Festivals
Date of Festivals
2017 Magha Purnima Date
10th February 2017
2018 Magha Purnima Date
31st January 2018
2019 Magha Purnima Date
19th February 2019
2020 Magha Purnima Date
9th February 2020
2021 Magha Purnima Date
27th February 2021
2022 Magha Purnima Date
16th February 2022
2023 Magha Purnima Date
5th February 2023
2024 Magha Purnima Date
24th February 2024
2025 Magha Purnima Date
12th February 2025
2026 Magha Purnima Date
1st February 2026
2027 Magha Purnima Date
20th February 2027
2028 Magha Purnima Date
10th February 2028
2029 Magha Purnima Date
30th January 2029
2030 Magha Purnima Date
18th February 2030

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