2020 Manasa Puja Date & Time in India, Manasa Puja Schedule 2020

2020 Maa Manasha Puja Date Time in India, Manasha Puja Schedule, Shree Shree Maa Manasha Puja Date Time in India 2020, 2020 Manasha Puja Schedule, Maa Manasa Puja Date & Time , West Bengal in India.2020 Manasa Puja Date & Time in India, Manasa Puja Schedule 2020, 2020 Devi Mansa Puja Date, মা মনসা পূজা সময় ও সুচি ২০২০, 2020 मा मनसा पूजा डेट और टाइम .

Manasa, ( Bangla মনসা ) also Mansa Devi, is a Hindu folk goddess of snakes, worshipped also known as Nag Panchami, is observed mainly in Bengal, Jharkhand, Assam and parts of Orissa on various days in the Bengali months of Ashar, Shraban and Bhadrapad (June - September). Mansa Devi is the serpent goddess and is believed to be the daughter of Lord Shiva.

About Manasa Puja : Manasā, also Mansā Devi, is a Hindu folk goddess of snakes, worshipped mainly in Bengal and other parts of North and northeastern India, chiefly for the prevention and cure of snakebite and also for fertility and prosperity. Manasa is the sister of Vasuki, king of Nāgas (snakes) and wife of sage Jagatkāru (Jaratkāru). She is also known as Vishahara (the destroyer of poison), Nityā (eternal) and Padmavati.
Her myths emphasize her bad temper and unhappiness, due to rejection by her father Shiva and her husband, and the hatred of her stepmother, Chandi (Shiva's wife, identified with Parvati in this context). In some scriptures, sage Kashyapa is considered to be her father, rather than Shiva. Manasa is depicted as kind to her devotees, but harsh to people who refused to worship her.[3] Denied full godhead by her mixed parentage, Manasa’s aim was to fully establish her authority as a goddess and to acquire steadfast human devotees. source- Wikipedia

Maa Manasa Puja Date, 2020

Name of Festivals,
Date of Festivals
Manasa Puja
17 August, 2020 

নাগপঞ্চমী পূজা, 
25 আষাঢ়, শুক্রবার ১৪২৭

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