2017 Gandheshwari Puja Date & Time in India, গন্ধেশ্বরী পূজা

Gandheshwari puja is observed on the Vaishakh Purnima day by the Gandhabaniks, a community that trades in perfumes. Gandheswari Puja 2017 date is May 10.

Gandheshwari Puja DateAccording to Wikipedia, Gandhabanik is a Bengali Hindu trading caste, who as the caste name suggests, traditionally used to trade in perfumes, incense and spices. Chinese traveller Fa Hien referred to the Gandhabaniks as a Hindu business community.[citation needed] In spring, the Gandhabaniks pay homage to Gandheshwari, the goddess of perfume.[citation needed]

Gandhabanik গন্ধবণিক
Kuladevi (female)     Gandheshwari
Religions     Hinduism
Languages     Bengali
Populated states     West Bengal

 Gandheshwari Puja
Gandheshwari Puja

[2017 Gandheshwari Puja Date & Time in India, গন্ধেশ্বরী পূজা, 2017 Gandheshwari Puja Date and Time in India, Gandheshwari Puja Date Schedule,2017 Gandheshwari Puja Date and time in India ]

Here Gandheshwari Puja Date, 2017

Name of Festival
Date of festival
Day of Festival
Gandheshwari puja
10th May, 2017

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