Rasa Yatra: A Spiritual Journey into the Heart of Hinduism | 2020 Rasa Yatra Puja Date & Time

2020 Rasa Yatra Puja Date & Time, India - श्री कृष्ण रास यात्रा 2020 | Rasa Yatra: A Spiritual Journey into the Heart of Hinduism

Rasa Yatra

India is a land of diverse cultures and religions, and one of the most prominent among them is Hinduism. The religion has a rich history, traditions, and rituals that have been followed for centuries. One such ritual is Rasa Yatra, which is an annual pilgrimage undertaken by millions of devotees to honor Lord Krishna.

In this blog post, we will discuss Rasa Yatra in detail, its significance, and the reasons why it is considered one of the most important events in Hinduism. We will also provide tips on how to improve your SEO score so that your blog post can reach a wider audience.

According to Wikipedia: Krishna ( कृष्ण, Kṛṣṇa in IAST) is an avatar of the Lord Vishnu the Supreme God, and the king of Dwarka in the Dwapara Yuga worshipped across many traditions of religion in a variety of different perspectives.
Rasa-yatra( রাস যাত্রা - रास जात्रा )  celebrates Krishna's pastime of dancing with His cowherd girlfriends, the gopis, by the light of the full moon during the autumn season during Krishna's boyhood in Vrindavan. Click Here to visit - 108 Krishna Names, Different Names of Lord Krishna   [Download All 2016 Hindu Festival date and Time Calendar ]

2020 Rasa Yatra Puja Date and Time

  [ 2020 Krishna Rasa yatra Puja Date & Time, 2020 Kartik Purnima, Krishna Rasa yatra Puja Date & Time, Rasa yatra 2020 date, 2020 krishna Rash yatra pooja date, श्री कृष्ण रास यात्रा 2020 तारीख व समय, রাস যাত্রা ২০20 তারিখ এবং সময়, 2020 রাস যাত্রা পূজা তারিখ -2020 रास जात्रा, 2020 Rasa yatra Puja schedule ]
Rasa Yatra Puja Date and Time, 2020

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Here is the date of Rasa Yatra Puja :
Name of Festivals
Date of Festivals
Rasa Yatra/
Krishna Rasa yatra Puja
30th  November 2020

What is Rasa Yatra?

Rasa Yatra, also known as Braj Yatra, is a religious festival celebrated in the northern Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. It is a pilgrimage that revolves around the life and teachings of Lord Krishna, who is revered as the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism.

The festival usually takes place during the months of September and October, coinciding with the Hindu month of Kartik. During Rasa Yatra, devotees visit various temples dedicated to Lord Krishna, perform puja (prayers), and participate in cultural events such as dance and music performances.

The Significance of Rasa Yatra

Rasa Yatra holds immense significance in Hinduism, as it symbolizes the love between Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna spent his early years in the region of Braj, where he performed many miracles and spread his teachings of love and devotion.

During Rasa Yatra, devotees retrace the footsteps of Lord Krishna and visit various places associated with his life. They offer prayers, sing bhajans (devotional songs), and immerse themselves in the divine love that Lord Krishna represents. It is believed that participating in Rasa Yatra can help one attain spiritual enlightenment and purify the soul.


Rasa Yatra is a significant event in Hinduism, and it attracts millions of devotees every year. The pilgrimage provides a unique opportunity for people to immerse themselves in the divine love and teachings of Lord Krishna. By using the tips mentioned in this blog post, you can create content that is optimized for search engines, and reach a wider audience with your message about Rasa Yatra.

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