Latest Lakshmi Puja SMS in Hindi, English and Bengali

Lakshmi Puja is another Bengali festival that is celebrated in every household. Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth is worshipped just after Durga Puja.
In this post i going to share some popular Lakshmi puja SMS in Hendi,English and Bengali.  
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Lakshmi Puja SMS I

Ashirwad bado ka
pyar dosto ka
duaen sabki
karuna Maa Ki
Laxmi Puja ki hardik shubhkamnaaye.

Lakshmi Puja SMS II

 May today the blessing moon today make your mind peaceful,
May the the showers of happiness comes to you in the form of heavenly rays of moon Today..
Accept My Wishes of Sharad Poornima

Lakshmi Puja SMS III

May goddess Lakshmi fill your life
With health, wealth and freedom too
May this Lakshmi Poojan bring
Everything festive just for you.

Lakshmi Puja SMS IV

May Godess Laxmi Come To Your House,
And Ask You To Be Awake And Say “Kojagiri”
And This Kojagiri Purnima And Onwards..
You And Your Family…
Get More Prosperity, Peace And Wealth..
All By Virtue Of Maa Lakshmi..

Lakshmi Puja SMS V

Be kind and good to everyone
Stay blessed and make life worth
Wish you a Happy Lakshmi Poojan
In your life, may happiness take birth.

Lakshmi Puja SMS VI

Aaj lakshmi poojan ka tyohaar hai
Jagmaga raha ye sansaar hai
Maa ki aaradhana mein talleen ho jaao
Apni har manokaamna poori hoti paao.
Happy Lakshmi Puja.

Lakshmi Puja SMS VII

Wish you a happy Lakshmi Poojan
May friends and family be always near
Maa Lakshmi will take care
Of each problem and every fear.
Have a great Lakshmi Poojan.

Lakshmi Puja SMS VIII

May maa bless you
With happiness all the year through!
Wishing you a happy Laxmi Puja.
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  1. May maa bless you
    With happiness all the year through!
    Wishing you a happy Laxmi Puja.
    Read more at http://www.pujadatetime.in/2015/10/latest-lakshmi-puja-sms-in-hindi.html#vJrfT1vJuXJsIGHA.99

  2. লক্ষী পূজা অনেক অনেক শুভেচ্ছা ও অভনন্দন রইলো সবাইকে আর আমি ভগবান র কাছে পার্থনা করবো জে সবাইকে। রাগ মুক্ত রাখুক wish. You all a very happy loxmi puja❤️