2024 Kartik Puja Date and Time in India - कार्तिक पूजा

About Kartik Puja: Kartikeya also known as Kartik, Kartika or Kartik Thakur, is also worshipped in West Bengal, and Bangladesh on the last day of the Hindu month of Kartik. He is the Lord of male fertility and good harvest. He is portrayed as a handsome with bow and arrow in hand. Kartikeya is primarily worshipped among those who intend to have a son. In Bengal, traditionally, many people drop images of Kartik inside the boundaries of different households, all are either newly married or else, intend to get a son to carry on with their ancestry. Kartik is also associated with the Babu Culture that prevailed in historic Kolkata, and hence, many traditional old Bengali paintings still show Kartik dressed in traditional Bengali style. Also, in some parts of West Bengal, Kartik is traditionally worshipped by the descendants of past royal families, as in the district of Malda. In Bansberia (Hooghly district) Kartik Puja festival is celebrated like Durga Puja for consecutive four days. The festival starts on 17 November every year and on 16 November in case of Leap Year. [Source:Wikipedia]

2018 Kartik Puja Date and Time

Kartik Puja is celebrated in different parts of India following different rituals. Lord Kartikeya/Kaartik is known by different names like Velan Kumaran, Skanda, Murugan (Bengali: কার্ত্তিক, Hindi - कार्तिक) and more. Lord Kaartik is the son of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, the part of the trinity. Kartik Puja is done on various religious occasions.

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2024 Kartik Puja Date and Time in India - कार्तिक पूजा

Name of Festivals
Date of Festivals
Kartik Puja

16 November 2024
কার্ত্তিক পূজা
30 শে কার্ত্তিক , ১৪31

Which month is Kartik Puja in?

Kartik Puja, also known as Kartik Purnima, is usually celebrated in the Hindu month of Kartik. Kartik is the eighth month in the Hindu lunar calendar and usually falls between October and November in the Gregorian calendar. Kartik Purnima is the full moon day of Kartik month and is considered highly auspicious in Hinduism.

During Kartik Puja, devotees often perform various rituals, light lamps, offer prayers and participate in sacred baths in rivers or other sacred water bodies. This festival is celebrated with devotion and is significant in different regions of India with variations in customs and traditions.

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