108 Krishna Names, Different Names of Lord Krishna , Part - II

Krishna (Sanskrit: कृष्ण, Kṛṣṇa in IAST,Bengali - কৃষ্ণ ) is a God, worshipped across many traditions of religion in a variety of different perspectives. Sri Krishna is one of the most lovable deities of the Hindu Religion.Krishna is also known as Govinda, Mukunda, Madhusudhana and Vasudeva. Krishna's immense love for Radha is immortal and the couple is usually remembered as Radha-Krishna. Sri Krishna is known by many different names. This list contains 108 names of Lord Krishna with their meanings [108 Krishna Names, Different Names of Lord Krishna , Part -I ]

Different Names of Lord Krishna

108 Krishna Names, Different Names of Lord Krishna , Part - II

Satyavrata ,
the Truth Dedicated Lord
Shantah ,
Peaceful Lord
Shreshta ,
the Most Glorious Lord
Shrikanta ,
Beautiful Lord
,Dark-Complexioned Lord
,Lord of the Beautiful Evenings
Sudarshana ,
Handsome Lord
Sumedha ,
Intelligent Lord
Suresham ,
Lord of All Demi-Gods
Swargapati ,
Lord of Heavens
Trivikrama ,
Conqueror of All the Three Worlds
Upendra ,
Brother of Indra
Vaikunthanatha ,
Lord of Vaikuntha, the Heavenly Abode
the Formless Lord
Vasudev ,
All Prevailing Lord
Vishnu ,
All Prevailing Lord
Vishwadakshinah ,
Skilfull and Efficient Lord
,Creator of the Universe
,Form of the Entire Universe
Vishwarupa ,
One Who Displays the Universal Form
,Soul of the Universe
,Lord of Dharma
,King of the Yadav Clan
Yogi ,
the Supreme Master
Yoginampati ,
Lord of the Yogis
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