2016 Bipattarini Puja Date, Bipottarini Brata Puja Schedule - बिपदतारिणी ब्रता

Bipattarini Brata (Bengali - বিপদতারিণী ব্রত, Hindi - बिपदतारिणी ब्रता ) is dedicated to Goddess Bipattarini – a manifestation of Mother Goddess Kali. Popularly known as Bipattarini (Bipottarini), also termed as Bipodtarini or Bipadtarini is a Hindu goddess (Devi), worshipped in West Bengal, Orissa and surrounding areas.
 Bipattarini Puja 2016 dates are July 9. The Brata is observed on Tuesday and Saturday in the month of Ashar in Bengal after Rath Yatra and before Ulto Rath.
Bipattarini Puja Date
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Bipattarini Puja Date in West Bengal, Bipottarini Brata Puja Schedule 2016

  • 9th July 2016 (Saturday) 
  • Bengali 24th Ashar 1423 (২৪ শে আষাঢ়, ১৪২৩ সন )
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