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2020 Raksha Bandhan Date & Time, Rakhi Purnima, Rakhri Festival Schedule

Raksha Bandhan ( Bengali in Rakhi (রাখী) ,राखी ) is also called Rakhi Purnima ( রাখী পূর্ণিমা ) or simply Rakhi or "Rakhri", in many parts of India. The festival is a Hindu festival and is also a secular festival which celebrates the love and duty between brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in Shravana month during full moon day or Purnima day.
2020 Raksha Bandhan Date & Time
Name in other languages

रक्षा बंधन
Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi)
Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi)

[ Rakhi Purnima Date 2020, Raksha Bandhan puja festival Date, Rakhi festival Date, 2020 Raksha Bandhan, Rakhi Purnima, Rakhri Festival Date Time, রাখী পূর্ণিমার দিন ও তারিখ, राखी पुर्णिमा २०२० ]

Raksha Bandhan Date

Festival Date
Date of Festival
Raksha Bandhan, 
Rakhi Purnima, 
Rakhri Festival
3rd August 2020

Raksha Bandhan ( Purnima Tithi ) Timing

Purnima Tithi 21:28 on 2nd August 2020 to 21:27 on 3rd August 2020

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